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Afgesloten Je kunt niet meer doneren of in actie komen

The International School Hilversum is organizing Zip your Lip! Subscribe by clicking on 'join us here' and join the movement! Do not eat for 24 hours and get sponsors to raise money for malnourished children in Afghanistan.

Zip your Lip is the youth program of World Vision Nederland. Together with thousands of other teenagers in the Netherlands we are making a difference in the future of malnourished children. Join the fight against hunger by not eating for a full day. Support your not-eating-hero by donating to their own actionpage. (Search for him or her name in the white searchbar ‘zoeken’.)

If you have problems with donating, please ask people with a Dutch bank account to donate via them. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We want to end famine!

This year we are in action for malnourished children in Afghanistan. With the donations that you and thousands of other teenagers raise, we changes the lives of these children

In parts of Afghanistan (Badghis and Herat) it hardly rained for months. When it rained last month, it rained so hard that the flood washed all the plants and seeds away. As a result, there was no harvest and therefor far too little food for the children and their families. 1 in 3 children in this area is severely malnourished. Malnourished children are weaker and more susceptible to diseases. Malnutrition for instance causes growth backlog and heart failure. Malnourished children can even die from something as small as diarrhea. With every €21 that you raise, we can feed one family one week. You can make a difference! Will you help to fight hunger?

What else do we do?                                                    

  • We distribute water and food packages;
  • We distribute special seeds so that families can grow their own food in the future;
  • We train the parents of the children on how to grow healthy food with these seeds;
  • We build water facilities and test whether the water is clean;
  • We provide training on the management and maintenance of water and the water facilities;
  • We give classes about hygiene

In June 2019 our colleague, Fred Rietkerk, was in Badghis and Herat where he saw with his own eyes what the lack of food means for families in these areas.

“It is terrible to see. They get uprooted, it tears them apart from their environment. There is no safety net there as we know in the Netherlands, people become completely dependent on help. World Vision wants to do everything it can to prevent this and help people so that they can rebuild their lives quickly. ”

World Vision focuses on the treatment of malnutrition. All children are screened and measured using a MUAC (Middle Upper Arm Circumference). We use this 4-coloured strap to measure malnutrition. Red means severe malnutrition. In the areas Badghis and Herat, 1 in 3 children is severely malnourished.


Join the movement by signing up for Zip your Lip!

Joining means that you will not eat for 24 hours. You are allowed to drink water and other drinks without sugar. Zip your Lip is an awesome action to do together with your friends and classmates! An unforgettable experience, because you will not forget the feeling of hunger so quickly (and of course the fun together J).

Before the 24-hour starts you will search for sponsors. Ask your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, etc. Sent them your webpage and ask them if they want to help malnourished children. The more sponsors you find, the more children we can help!

Of course we would like to visit your school before the action day with a Xperiencetour. We will tell you our stories, show you videos and play some games together. And of course we are happy to help the organizationteam to come up with great activities for the Zip your Lip-day.

What are you waiting for? Fight hunger with us and sign up now!

Promotion materials

World Vision Nederland is a Dutch organization and part of World Vision International. Zip your Lip is a Dutch program and therefor a lot of the promotion material is Dutch, unfortunately. We selected some documents and translated it for you. Hopefully this will help you!

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Video about malnutrition

Video about Afghanistan



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